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ohmygod I'm writing a blog entry k here goes nothing.

The points I would like to address tonight go as follows:
- The sources information is gathered from and how accurate they are
- The homage paid to Destiel
- Reasons why Destiel may not be taken seriously until it actually happens

So here goes nothing

Sources and their credibility

Honestly? No source is fully accurate. None. Not from the CW network, not from the cast and crew on twitter - nothing. Why? Because in the writing universe, which applies to TV shows as well - anything can go any which way and not even cast will know it. Ask any novel writer how many times they have changed the course of their story after saying it will go one way, and laughing their way to the world of writing as their readers were left asking what the flying fuck just happened. Basically what I'm saying is that, unless a friggen producer of the show says THE THING IS CERTAINLY GOING TO HAPPEN WE PROMISE, don't trust anything they or the cast says. We all know they are the biggest trolls to ever troll and half the time they just throw us a bone to keep us occupied while they go a complete opposite direction, leaving us, the viewers, flailing around like chickens with their heads cut off. You'd be lying if you said you expected that season finale. And that's just one example. So please, do not give up hope! I somehow highly doubt that, unless they give a damn good reason why something shouldn't happen, they wouldn't do something like that to us. Jensen and Jared have said themselves they love hearing how the show helps viewers on personal and profound levels, and why people would think they would stand for that kind of pulling the rug out from underneath the viewers is beyond me.

EDIT (By Blaknite) -- I would like to add to your Sources and Credibility something that is known in most digital media industries called an NDA that is signed when any form of official information on a project is handed out. The NDA stands for Non Disclosure Agreement which basically means that if that paper is signed and that person leaks the information before the 'official release' then that person can be suited for breaking the NDA which can get them blackballed in their particular area of the industries.

The homage paid

It seems that it needs reminding that the writers are fully aware of how they write the dynamic between Dean and Castiel. Jensen and Misha are fully aware of how they act it out, and those are all explicit choices made on all parts. They aren't comedic relief (though the scene with Aaron was but I'm not talking about that), and they certainly aren't "oh here have a bone you fucking shippers". Addressing a previous point made above, it is widely known that the actors just care too much to do that and not mean something with it. Whether the message is "family don't end with blood" or something like love being found in the most unlikely places, we won't know for a long ass time, but both messages MEAN something and BOTH make complete narrative sense. Canon or not just remind yourself that, hey, Dean and Cas do love each other. That's said and spread like wildfire throughout the show, and all we do is add a sexual and romantic relationship to their dynamic. That's it. Everything else is in the actual show.

Point being: The writers and actors are not heartless assholes and regardless of where they plan to go with Destiel, they are getting far less credit than they deserve for conveying a positive message through the two characters.


If you're keeping track at home, you'll know that Goodbye Strangers "I need you" line was originally "I love you". And if you've seen the video, you'll know exactly why that was written out. If you don't know the latter, go watch the video and you'll see what I mean. Jensen and Misha just can't act that out without nearly pissing themselves laughing. And that's FINE. Don't hound them for that for the love of Chuck! There are some things we just aren't capable of doing, be it as actors or writers or artists, and there are things that are out of our comfort zone that we are unwilling to breach. Why should Jensen and Misha, just because they are famous, be any different? If they are not willing to act out a romantic relationship for Dean and Castiel, let them. That doesn't make them homophobic or conceited, it just means that, hey guess what, they're human and they have lines to be crossed that they are not willing to cross. If they DO end up crossing it, we may not know of it until the episode(s) air, because that's a big thing to announce before an episode and it may not be well received, so why bring on the hate earlier than you can? Being hounded by angry internet mobs (and death threats, mind you) isn't fun and something even a big company or famous actor wants to go through if they don't have to.

Point of the entire journal being: Don't jump to conclusions and never give up hope. Please.

Excuse any grammar mistakes lol it's 3AM
In the latest spoiler CASTIEL FINDS LOVE. I'm crying on the inside right now. They said he falls in love and has sex AWWWWWWWhahaha awwwww (sobbing hysterically) HELP MEEEEEEEE:( Also to make matters worse Dean and Sam are NOT 'all good', Dean is hiding a massive secret from Sam about how Sam is still alive, and t is most definitely that he is working for ...whats his face, the nerd angel... Metatron or something, :( Dean's evil, he is suppose to be the guiding light, he was the one person you could always trust to do the right thing whhyyyy. The writers said it was somthing they hadn't done before, and Well Dean doing the bad thing we have never seen before (lets forget about Amy for a sec)... I'm sooooo saaaad. Heeeelp meee If i wanted a life i wouldn't watch supernatural.
So I'm begging to freak out that Destiel isn't actually going to happen and we are all nutcases. I mean they made it pretty clear in seson 8 that Dean and Cas were just really good friends. After all the not so sublte hints Misha gave us were about Megstiel (Stupid Stupid) For all we know she is going to come back. Please restore my faith so I can go on tirelessly shipping in hopes of getting angel babies.
So wow hello there Mishamigos. I have wonderful news for those of you that love Castiel/Misha Collins.

Misha is going to be a season 9 regular!!!! :D  and he is also going to be directing an episode which will be so damn entertaining >:3 Misha can repay Jared and Jensen for all of their antics ;D Guys i was worried that this was bogus but it is confirmed news. The news is about a day old lmao! Check it out here:…


Now reaching out there with my fellow Destiel shippers... Let me point out that he is going to be a show REGULAR again. Can we all infer that something happens? Or is this to wishful on my part? (Honestly i don't think so and even if i am wrong sure me i am a fangirl lol)

If that site above wasn't enough take a look at TV guide's small article:…

Have speculations? Let me know comment and we can chat :D


GUYS EDIT MEG MASTERS IS GONNA BE RETURNING IN EPISODE 17. Do you think that they will make megstiel that pairing that they said fans speculate about will be resolved or some true or something like that? I'm a little worried someone reassure me.
If you know what i'm talking about then PLEASE read, if not then 'm sorry to bother you. Im watching supernatural season 8, adn he screen writers said that there was going to be a popular relationship in season 8. Well, everyone Deans likes is dead, and lets face it no body likes Sam's girlfriend, i dont even know her name. So i naturally assumed they were talking about destiel,but then i realised meg was still alive and forever reason fans actually LIKE her, misha admitted Cas had a crush on her. The show writer said she was 'Maybe' going to show up in season 8, which was defiantly not a no, and it was very mysterious. SOMEBODY PLEAS TELL ME MEGSTEL ISN"T GOING TO BE THE "POPULAR RELATIONSHIP." please.